We enjoyed giving away tickets to this awesome experience at the Utica Children's Museum, and if you didn't luck out and win tickets, there's still time to purchase them, but "Alice in Nanoland" is happening today.

We're all fans of "Alice in Wonderland," especially Matt because he got to play the part of the Mad Hatter in his high school musical. He got to belt out  "A Very Merry Unbirthday," while sporting a big green hat.

"Alice in Nanoland" is happening today from noon to 8 at the Utica Children's Museum, and there's going to be lots of fun at this educational and Nano experience. When's the last time you saw the movie "Alice in Wonderland?" That's just one of the scheduled events at this magical  adventure.

According to the Observer Dispatch:

Journey down the rabbit hole! A family benefit, featuring games, mini golf, activities, magic, food, science and art programs, face painting, and other special elements. Alice herself might even show up!

Hopefully you and your little ones can make it out to this fun and educational event, all the while supporting our friends at the Utica Children's Museum.


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