The Boilermaker is one of the country's premiere road races, with athletes from all over the world congregating in Utica to run it-- but let's face it, running ain't everyone's cup of tea.

If you're somebody who enjoys the IDEA of the Boilermaker, but may not actually want to RUN the Boilermaker, then you might want to consider: The BoilerFAKER. That's right, a fake Boilermaker. The average Joe's event.

Calling itself "Less than a race," the Boilerfaker asks you for a very modest physical commitment: Walk 1.1 miles from the Beer Hub located at 2643 Genesee Street in Utica to the Uptown Theatre, at 2014 Genesee Street. This event is being sponsored by the Uptown.

"Be part of an Uptown tradition and join us on a 1.1 mile walk through beautiful South Utica — starting at the Beer Hub and ending at the Uptown."

Here's a schedule of the evening:

5:00 - Starting line pre-race social hour
6:00 - The walk begins!
6:30 - Finish line party at the Uptown with music from Life is A Party and costume contest for Best Fitness Wear. (And good times with our neighbors The Green Onion Pub.)

Sign up now at for early discounted registration. Your registration fee includes a t-shirt, drink ticket, and 1.1 mile race sticker.

"How far will you go for a good cause? If you said "a short distance" then we have the fundraising walk for you"

Here’s How You Can Still Run This Year’s Sold out Boilermaker

This year's Boilermaker road race is set for July 14 and the 15k race is officially sold out! This year's Boilermaker expanded the number of runners to 10,000. Over the weekend, the few remaining vacancies were filled - but that doesn't mean last-minute runners are completely out of luck.


61 Amazing Snapshots of Utica's Most Unique Boilermaker Ever

The 2021 Utica Boilermaker Road Race will go down in the history books as one of the most unique, with an all-vaccinated field running the 5K and 15K on October 10th, without elite runners, and with thousands of regular participants sitting this one out because of COVID. The excitement this year was special and exclusive and there was no shortage of it, as seen through the lens of award winning photo-journalist Nancy L. Ford of Utica. Here are 61 awesome photos featuring some of the best moments from this year's race.

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