Back in April, Ryan Gosling was seen wearing a Central New York high school football jacket. Now he is giving back to one local school.

Ever since "La La Land" and "Barbie" actor Ryan Gosling was spotted in New York City wearing a Baldwinsville Football jacket. C.W. Baker High School students have been trying to his attention. It looks like they finally did. According to the school district, Baker Class of 2025 students made a video to hype up the "La La Land" themed prom.

Baker News student Ryan Bullis performed "I'm Just Ken" from the movie "Barbie" in a video posted on Instagram. And Ryan Bullis appeared on a Baker News segment inviting the actor to Baldwinsville. The videos were shared with Ryan Gosling's stylist numerous times by several Baldwinsville residents and students.

The response was a autographed jacket from Ryan Gosling's latest movie, "Fall Guy" with the inscription: "Baldwinsville, Thanks for the jacket, here's one of mine..." The jacket will be displayed at the Baldwinsville Diner and will be shared with the district next school year.

Baldwinsville Central School District
Baldwinsville Central School District

How Did Gosling End Up With The Orginal Jacket?

A TikTok video posted by @catladyreadsss may have the answer to why Gosling was wearing a football jacket from a school he never attended. Mark Avery, the man styling Gosling for SNL shone some light on the question. He bought the jacket at a vintage shop for Gosling to wear. Saturday Night Live even posted a photo of Gosling doing a read-through while wearing the Baldwinsville Bees jacket.

You can get the full scoop HERE.

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