Over the last 25 years, Pixar Animation Studios has become the gold standard of modern feature animation. Their films feature well-known actors in high-concept ideas, visualized with amazing detail and featuring thrilling setpieces, hilarious gags, and unforgettable characters. But, oh yes, Pixar films are all but designed to make you cry. (At least, they seem designed to make adults cry.) Pixar’s newest film, Toy Story 4, is the sequel to what might be the single most brutal film in the studio’s history, but it’s not like the Toy Story movies are the only Pixar movies that can crush your soul. Let’s take a look at the 20 most emotionally devastationg — sometimes for happy reasons! — moments in Pixar’s history.

(NOTE: The list contains spoilers for many Pixar films, including Toy Story 4 — if you don’t want to read that one skip past #8)


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