As the world still reels from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's break up, celebrities like Pitt's Ocean's Eleven co-star George Clooney are being asked for their thoughts on what may be pop culture's most iconic split in a decade.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on September 22, Samuel L. Jackson inadvertently threw his hat into the Brangelina ring when he was coerced into giving his opinion on the news.

"...Brad and Angelina, it's just sad, isn't it?" the host prompted Jackson during their early morning interview, to which the actor furrowed his brow and responded, "Is it?"

"It's life. You know, people carry on and people do what they do," he added.

"I mean, there's a huge segment of America that still think that what he did to Jennifer Aniston was just wrong and they are just overjoyed that the 'wicked witch' lost her husband or whatever," Jackson explained, touching upon the sexist "homewrecker" narrative that has unfortunately followed Jolie since her relationship with Pitt was made public in 2005.

The actor continued: "I'm sure there's another segment that thinks it is sad and there's another dissolution of another family and all those kids, or whatever... But I don't know why it's everybody's business or why people care anyway."

Translation: The Snakes on a Plane star has had it with these motherf---in' questions about this motherf---in' celebrity break up! Watch below:

While Jackson makes a solid point, it's unlikely the greater public is going to stop caring about the end of Brangelina any time soon. As is evident on social media, the shocking divorce is a hot topic, even (especially?) among fellow famous folks.

The day the two movie stars' split was announced, Adele addressed the "elephant in the room" at her New York City show, dedicating the concert to the former couple and telling the audience, "It's the end of an era!"

TV host and comedian Chelsea Handler also weighed in—much more controversially, as is expected—on her talk show, implying Jolie scared Pitt away by forcing him to be "stuck in a house with 85 kids" and referring to the actress as a "f---ing lunatic."

As for the couple's longtime friend Clooney, he found out like the rest of us—through the media—while being interviewed by a CNN reporter at the United Nations meeting on September 20.

Visibly shocked by the then-breaking news, the actor told CNN, "I feel very sorry then. That's a sad story and unfortunate for a family."

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