Did you know that different styles of pizza have their own holiday? Today we celebrate sausage pizza. Celebrate by making a delicious Utica Pizza with sausage.

While you're waiting for your pizza to bake, enjoy these delicious facts:

1) A study by the University of Michigan reveals that people can be addicted to cheese pizza. Researchers studied 500 foods and found that Casein, a protein found in all dairy products, releases opiates in the body that result in an addiction to cheese.

2) A Harris Poll of 2,193 people reveals that pepperoni is the top pizza topping followed by sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese, onions, olives, bacon, Canadian bacon, pineapple and peppers.

3) A survey by Restaurant.com reveals that 81% of people prefer pizza from an independently-owned pizzeria instead of a pizza chain.

4) A study by Smart Flour Foods reveals that 35% of people classify themselves as 'Pizza Lovers'.

5) A Manchester University study reveals that eating pizza can help you look younger because tomato paste prevents sunburn and protects against premature wrinkles.