And we thought high school was painful enough as is. Thanks to a parody of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' we've finally come to realize the similarities between high school and the bloody dealings in the fictional land of Westeros. And scarily enough, there are quite a few.

The video -- which follows a group of students going about their day just before Prom Night -- is part of a new web series aptly called 'School of Thrones.' And like both the show and high school alike, there are the cliques, the haters, the cheaters and the liars. The series even apes the fantasy series' popular "Winter Is Coming" tagline with is "Prom Is Coming" theme.

Also, is it any surprise that The Starks are portrayed as hipsters while the Lannisters are preppies? The Baratheon's as dumb jocks also makes sense. What other parallels to the show do you see? Are you excited for Season Three of 'Game of Thrones'? Let us know!

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