Is New York State really receiving a second Statue of Liberty before the 4th of July 2021?

From July 1st through July 5th, New York City will celebrate the arrival of a second Statue of Liberty. Just like our first lady of liberty, the second statue is a gift from France.

“The statue symbolizes freedom and the light around all the world,” Olivier Faron tells CNN Style. “We want to send a very simple message: Our friendship with the United States is very important, particularly at this moment. We have to conserve and defend our friendship.”

The Second Statue is being called The Little Sister. She was created very similar to the original statue, through bronze work. Little Sister is one 16th the size of the original. It will be temporary placed on Ellis Island. Currently, she is a 992-pound piece, and just under 10 feet tall.

The Little Sister, as it’s being called, was fabricated in 2009 based on an original 1878 plaster model of the Statue of Liberty, so it’s a nearly perfect image. For much of the past 12 years, the Petite Soeur has been quietly perched in a discreet location in Paris: In 2011, it was installed in the garden of the National Museum of Arts and Crafts, where it has sat ever since."

The Little Sister will only be in New York for a handful of days. After the 4th of July holiday, she will be making her way to the U.S. capital. In Washington D.C. she will be on display at the residence of the French ambassador for the next decade.

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