If you have ever eaten at the Secret Garden Restaurant in Utica, then you know how delicious their food is. Unfortunately, this is the last chance for you to get your favorite dish at this popular Italian eatery, or to try it for the first and last time. The business will close for good after they're done serving on Sunday, May 22nd.

According to an employee at the restaurant, they are closing because of a series of unforeseen family circumstances. The original owner passed away last year and his wife is not able to carry on the business on her own. The son of the two owners is also expecting a new baby and in addition to a newly purchased home, has no time.

There was an attempt to sell the business, but instead the decision was made to close the restaurant.

Business has been great and the only people who knew the restaurant would be no more were the staff and the regulars.

The Secret Garden at 600 Culver Avenue in Utica, New York is open this weekend and reservations are still available. Their hours are from Noon until 9 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The number for reservations is (315) 724-7422.

It's sad to see an incredible place such as this go away and we wish everyone that works there and the family of the owners best of luck. And thank you for the years of great dining.

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