Boomer, the ostrich (with the black feathers), is no longer a confirmed bachelor at the Utica Zoo. A couple of leggy chicks from New Jersey have caught the old man's eye. 

The Utica Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of two female ostriches. Bina and Bushara are joining Utica’s male ostrich, Boomer, who has been at the zoo since February of 2011.

It’s a long time to wait for a date, but we’re hoping they’ll be worth the wait for Boomer,” said Alex Weaver, Area Lead Keeper for the ostrich.

These lovely long-legged ladies were given Swahili names. Bina means “dancer” and Bushara means “good news” in Swahili. They're each three years old and considered sexually mature. The Utica Zoo is hopeful that co-parenting will start soon.

The ostrich is:

  • The largest bird on earth.
  • Can weigh over 300 lbs.
  • Live up to 75 years.
  • The fastest terrestrial bird on earth capable of sprinting 45 mph.
  • Lay eggs that can weigh 3 lbs which is equivalent to 12 chicken eggs.

See the new ostrich females and Boomer sharing the exhibit with the Hartsmann Mountain Zebra in the Zoo’s African Alley.

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