- Our little Selena is growing up! See Ms. Gomez in the first clip from her upcoming movie, ‘Spring Breakers.’ Though only 30 seconds long, the preview shows Selena giving an adult-like performance. [Vimeo]

- If you’re not a fan of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ you might want to catch up on the drama seeing as Adam Lambert will make an appearance in the Halloween episode titled, ‘This is a Dark Ride.’ [YouTube]

- Diplo needs your help! He needs to get in touch with a girl…a Spice Girl that is. Someone get one of them on the horn! We want a Diplo/Spice Girls collabo! [Twitter]

- Spike Lee’s documentary ‘Bad 25,’ about Michael Jackson‘s iconic album will air on ABC this Thanksgiving, Nov. 22.  Sneak in your post-meal naps before this begins. It should be good! [LA Times]

- Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen performed their fun tune ‘Good Time,’ on the ‘Tonight Show.’ Is it just us or are they super cute together? [Idolator]

- deadmau5 and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance duke it out in giant mouse robots in deadmau5′s new video for ‘Professional Griefers.’ Whose mouse robot will come out on top? Looks like you’ll have to watch and find out, now won’t you? [YouTube]

Watch Selena Gomez in ‘Spring Breakers’ Clip

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