What has Shania Twain been up to since getting re- married?  She's working on new music and a tv show  for Oprah's tv network.  From the sounds of it, the show is going to be pretty personal for Shania. 

Shania's docu-series is called "Why Not?  With Shania Twain"  and debuts on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network on May 13th.  Lionel Richie, Gladys Knight and David Foster were all part of Shania's support system as she went through a really painful divorce and she'll be showing some of her conversations with them on her show.    Also being included in the six-part show will be Shania's interaction with a grief counselor,  as well as vocal doctors and coaches.  Not only does the show cover  Shania's  divorce and the road back to her singing career, it also deals with the sudden death of her parents when she was just a young adult.  Sounds pretty heavy, doesn't it?  Shania is also working on new music and with all that has happened in her life over the past couple of years, you can bet she has alot to write and sing about.