Shia LaBeouf recently walked out of what was going to be his Broadway debut, a play called 'Orphans' co-starring Alec Baldwin. While producers say he left due to “creative differences,” LaBeouf is painting a different picture on Twitter, trying to prove through email screenshots that ... well, we're not entirely sure what he's trying to prove here.

Using a series of confusing emails that read more like poems than coherent thoughts, LaBeouf seems to hint that a disagreement with Baldwin may have been the true cause of his abrupt departure a mere week into rehearsals.

lifted from Esquire magazine) and says Baldwin is all those things, adding, "Alec, I'm sorry for my part of a disagreeable situation."

LaBeouf also shared an email between himself and Baldwin, in which Baldwin admits stuff happens and promises there is no bad blood between them.

Shia also made sure to share another email in which a second co-star, Tom Sturridge, praises LaBeouf's acting and tell him he elevated the play. (Strange how the only private emails being shared are ones that tell Shia how amazing he is.)

Despite Shia's email evidence, two sources close to the play and the producers are still saying he didn't have the same vision as the director and it ultimately caused him to bow out.

"He was really into it, but at the end of the day he and the director had very different visions of what his character was like," an insider said. "And, unfortunately, they couldn't resolve those differences."

Director Daniel Sullivan was apparently concerned where LaBeouf was taking the role and about his "performance choices,” but Shia did nothing with his notes and instead refused to change what he was doing.

The irony is that had Shia said nothing about any of this, most people wouldn't have even known about it. He's really done himself no favors here.

But one thing we have learned? If you have something private to say to Shia LaBeouf, don't ever do it in an email.

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