One of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects has been killed, along with a MIT campus police officer, and the shootout was caught on tape.

The two suspects carjacked a Mercedes and led police on a chase last night.  At one point they started throwing EXPLOSIVES from the car. Someone posted video from a cellphone, of the shootout between the car chase suspects and the police.  You can hear dozens of gunshots, and cops yelling directions to each other about whom to shoot at.

One suspect talks about what he saw and heard during the shootout.

Boston residents are being urged to stay in their homes and all public transportation has been suspended until further notice.

Andrew Kitzenburg and his roommate felt the action first hand. They had a bullet from the shootout go through their apartment, but no one was hurt. Andrew says it passed through a wall and a chair, and stopped at the foot of his roommate's bed. He posted a picture on Twitter.


Police are still looking for the second suspect, who remains on the loose.