UPDATE: Police on Sunday said they were still looking for the person responsible for firing a shot inside the Crossgates Mall. The mall was open on Sunday following the incident on Saturday afternoon. Reports says it was preceded by an argument between two people.

Some very tense moments for shoppers at Crossgates Mall in Albany as shots were fired inside the shopping center.

WNYT in Albany reports that two people have been detained and authorities are searching for more suspects. The incident happened just before 2:30 Saturday afternoon, and was witnessed by a police officer.

At this time it remains unclear if anyone was injured.

WIBX 950 spoke with Elaine Cardarelli a Utica resident who was trying entering the mall just moments after the shot rang out.

''There were people just running toward us yelling 'get out, get out' there's been a shooting. We just turned around a left,'' she said.

Other local media have reported that customers and store workers who were unable to immediately escape hid in bathrooms and changing rooms.