McDonald's recently started test marketing unlimited french fries in Missouri, and Central New York is waiting to see if it's going to happen here.

Everybody's "Lovin" McDonald's french fries because they're salty, delicious, and kind of addictive. A McDonald's in Joseph, Missouri is currently running a promotion where they're offering all you can eat fries.

Super Size options were nixed awhile back, but the unlimited fries could become a regular staple if sales are up.

According to Time.Com:

To get the all-you-can-eat fries, you need to order a sandwich value meal, and they cost either $2.10 for a medium or $2.80 for a large, a spokesperson for the store told MONEY.

The restaurant is also one of the first with self-serve kiosks. Patrons can add a personal touch to their burger or chicken sandwich like guacamole, and maple bacon.

After the order is processed, it's delivered to the customer's table. Oh, they also have a self serve dessert bar!

What are your thoughts? Should McDonald's bring these options to Central New York?

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