Dating has changed A LOT in the last few years, and if you don't want to do the whole "online dating" thing, it may feel like you're stuck. So where do you go to meet someone?

We received a message from a listener looking for help. She's in her mid-30s and is looking to meet somebody. She hasn't been on the "dating scene" in a while and isn't sure where to start. She did mention though, she doesn't want to do online dating. So what should she do??

Well we decide to ask you, our listeners and followers, a few questions to see if we could help this woman out. First we asked "Where did you meet your significant other?" And here were some of the responses (which we hope can spark some ideas):

- Samantha messaged us to say that she met her husband on a blind date that was set up by a mutual friend. That's always an idea, let your friends know you're looking and maybe they know of someone that could be a possible match.
- Lucy also sent us a Facebook message saying that she had met her husband while she was a waitress at a restaurant. Although we're sure our listener in need isn't looking to switch careers, maybe she could talk up a waiter or server the next time she goes out.
- And we received a call from a woman (who unfortunately, we didn't get her name), who said she actually met her boyfriend while out with her friends at the Celtic Harp. Even though some people don't want to meet someone that way, she said she's been with her boyfriend for three years now, and things have been great. So that's always an idea as well.

We wanted to get more suggestions and help for this listener, so we asked another question, "Where's the best place to meet somebody in Central New York?" Here were some of the suggestions we received:

- Shannon suggested taking a class like a cooking class or art class, you may be able to start a conversation with other singles there. And maybe it will lead into something more.
- Katy left us a message saying the listener could try hanging out with her girlfriends on Varick Street. There's plenty of choices to find the right bar with the people you're looking for.
- Mark also sent us a Facebook Message suggesting getting out in the community and helping out. He said there are a lot of events and fundraisers, go volunteer and you're sure to meet someone. Even if you don't find a boyfriend you will make some new friends.

Hopefully these suggestions can help our listener in need, or help you as well if you're looking to meet someone special. Especially if you don't want to do the online dating thing. Good luck out there!




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