The first time we find ourselves saying "it's too hot outside" is the same day we remember that there's an awesome way to beat the heat.

Many in the Mohawk Valley find themselves blowing up tubes and floating down the West Canada Creek with a drink in their hand, the sun shining, and friends and family floating alongside.

Haven't done it but want to try? Here's a little break down for you.

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The West Canada Creek Campsites in Poland offers tube rental and a shuttle to bring you to the starting points. Depending on how much time you want to spend out on the creek, there's a few different options.

There are three different trips you can take from different locations. If you only want to spend about 45 mins to an hour on your tube, the Route 28 Bridge drop off is for you. If you have two to three hours to spend, you would head to the Comstock Bridge point. And finally, if you want to be on the creek all day long, for approximately four to six hours, the Putnam Road drop off is where you want to be.

Whether you rent a tube or bring your own, the shuttle from the West Canada Creek Campsites will bring you to each drop off location, and then it's your job to hop in the creek and float your way down. Relaxation at it's finest.

Depending on the location and if you rent your own tube, pricing is different.

  • Route 28 Bridge: $10/tube includes shuttle & life jacket
  • Comstock Bridge: $20/tube includes shuttle & life jacket
  • Putnam Road: $20/tube includes shuttle & life jacket

If you have your own tubes, riding the shuttle is only $3! This is definitely the cheaper option, especially since you can invest in your own tubes to make the experience even more fun.

Tubing season is here and the campground is open for business to rent your own tubes (with restrictions due to coronavirus.) You also are able to float in your own tubes  If you follow this map, you can have someone leave a vehicle at your starting point, and leave another at the finish point, so you don't have to depend on the shuttle.

Follow West Canada Creek Tubing on Facebook for updates on water levels and speeds! Both of these factors determine how your trip down the creek will be.

Credit: West Canada Creek Tubing
Credit: West Canada Creek Tubing

If you'd like to purchase your own tube, there's several options on Amazon or at Walmart. From personal experience, these are better than the tubes that you can get from the campsite due to the bottom netting. And, maybe get yourself a cooler for the drinks?

Best Tubes to Purchase on Amazon

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