Hate waiting in line? For the first time, the NYS Fair is letting you skip the ride lines.

Introducing the new 'Gold Access Pass.' This is Wade Shows' all-new VIP Midway experience. For an extra $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends, you'll receive your VIP wristband and lanyard that bring privileges like priority line boarding and food discounts. These are in limited supply so non-Gold Access ticket holders can have fun too. The benefits of Gold Access Pass include:

  •  Most rides will have a special entrance clearly marked for Gold Access members. A small amount of the ride's seating capacity is set aside for Gold Access riders, who board first.
  •  Midway food stands that display a Gold Access sign offer a 10% discount.

Part of the $50 million in upgrades at the NYS Fair include eight brand new rides. The Wade Shows Midway will feature 75 rides, the most in the midway’s history, including the return of the Comet II, the nation’s largest traveling roller coaster. The Gravitron, Ring of Fire, Flying Bobs, and Jumping Star have received new LED lighting.

  • The Super Cyclone

    Wade Shows Attractions

    This roller coaster is the newest addition to the Wade Shows coaster lineup and the second largest traveling coaster in the country.

  • The Stampede

    Wade Shows Attractions

    A modern take on a classic favorite, the double Ferris Wheel, in which riders face to one side while they spin.

  • The Disk'O

    Wade Shows Attractions

    This ride features drivers facing outwards on motorcycle-style seats on a disk that spins as it rocks back and forth on a roller coaster track.

  • The Storm

    Wade Shows Attractions

    A thrill ride in which the rider sits in a car on a platform that’s attached to the base of the ride.  The base, the platform, and the car all spin at once.

  • The Zipper

    Wade Shows Attractions

    A thrill ride in which riders rotate up one side of a bar-shaped boom arm and back down the other, while their cars spin upside down and back.

  • Ferris Wheel

    Wade Shows Attractions

    This Ferris Wheel rises more than70 feet in the air.

  • Surf’s Up


    A family ride in which a giant painted surfboard spins around and around, while riders stand up and surf the swells of the track.

  • Flying Elephants