Well, that's one hell of a way to follow up James Bond. While 'Skyfall' has yet to even hit US theaters, already smashing box-office records and reviews across the globe, director Sam Mendes and writer John Logan have already lined up their next project together. The duo is currently shopping around a period piece vampire hunting drama with shades of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,' but what kind of twist will the pair put on the material?

Vampires of the fictional realm need not fear James Bond for the moment, but may have much worse to contend with in the future as 'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes and writer John Logan have begun development on a vampire hunting TV series. Per Deadline, the series takes place in the 1800s and borrows a few cues from 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman,' incorporating several famed literary figures such as Van Helsing and Doctor Frankenstein in their hunt for vampires.

The Logan-written/Mendes-produced (possibly directed) series lacks a title for the moment, as premium cable networks read the script and decide on making any bids for the fantasy thriller. It's said that the drama would eschew any "spy" elements, as James Bond producers Eon productions often prevents its writers and directors from working on any other spy dramas. Currently, Logan is slated to write the 24th and 25th Bond films as well, following 'Skyfall.'

What say you? Do you think Mendes and Logan can bring the same cool factor to vampires as 'Skyfall'? What literary figures do you think could pop up?