Ladies- sometimes you just need a girls weekend, right? Where are you going for a girls weekend destination in New York State? One of the best clearly.

Think of it like this- No significant others, no kids, no responsibilities. Just quality time with your friends which includes dinner, drinks, and adventures.

When it comes to these weekends, everyone has a different idea of what they should be like:

Some people live for the nightlife of Boston, New York, or Las Vegas.  For others, they want to get away from everything (and everyone) in a remote vacation rental.  Still others love the idea of adventuring in a small town."

Far And Wide put together the perfect list of small towns for the ultimate girls weekend with towns from all parts of the country.  From Massachusetts, to Wisconisin, to California, to Hawaii. So who did they pick for New York State?

Which New York State Village Was Selected The Best For Girls Weekends?

According to their list, that honor goes to Lake Placid:

One of New York state's most scenic lake towns, Lake Placid is a popular summer and fall destination. Water sports are the main draw, but you can also hike around the surrounding mountains or enjoy the foliage in the fall. Although the town is tiny, its popularity has helped it develop a restaurant scene that satisfies even the pickiest of New Yorkers."

They recommend you stay with your girls at the White Pines Lake. You can read more online here.

Where Do You Go?

What is your favorite place for a weekend away in New York State? Let us know through our app.

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