Over the years, I've seen some incredible bands on the Chevy Court stage at "The Great New York State Fair" in Syracuse. And those shows are free, once you pay fair admisison. We just learned that "SmashMouth" will be performing this year.

Here are the details, according to nysfair.org:

"SmashMouth performs pop and rock at Chevy Court on Friday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.

With their indelible, organ-powered style, SmashMouth has long provided the sundappled soundtrack to summertime fun. The Southern California-based combo has earned sales exceeding six million albums in the US alone, fueled by a streak of unforgettable chart-topping hits including "Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby," "Then The Morning Comes," and the #1 classics, "Walkin' On The Sun" and "All Star." The band's distinctive covers, like "I'm A Believer" and "Why Can't We Be Friends," performed in the inimitable Smash Mouth style - have been featured in film and TV programs, including The Simpsons, Can't Hardly Wait, Half Baked, BASEketball, and of course, Shrek.

With founding members Steve Harwell and Paul De Lisle at the helm, Smash Mouth returned in full force last year with Magic, drawing praise once again for their inventive beach party anthems."

Watch this SmashMouth video performance of, "Walkin' On The Sun":