Every guy knows that when you get married some things are going to change. Maybe you have to upgrade your wardrobe, get a minivan to haul the kids around, or get rid of your favorite cowboy wagon wheel coffee table that you've had since the frat days in college.

For rich celebrities, it's a little different. Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost is getting rid of his "wagon wheel coffee table" in the form of a $2.5 million dollar bachelor pad that he bought in his single days back in  2011.

Back when he bought the West Village duplex he was a writer on SNL, now he's still a writer, but he also hosts "Weekend Update"....oh, and he's married to Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson.

They have both been doing some real estate buying and selling as they create their life together with their new baby. So, this awesome bachelor pad is now on the market. Since he bought it in 2011 for $1.7 million he's looking at making a pretty good profit on the duplex.

Check out the pictures below. It's a great place.

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