The snow is here in New York and now we have to clear our driveways and sidewalks.

One way to get rid of the snow is shoveling it out of the way, the other way is to fire up the snowblower and throw the snow away.

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Of course, with snowblowers come people who don't know the "Rules of Etiquette" when it comes to snow blowing. While there are not many of them, there are certain ones that everyone with a snowblower should be following.

Some of these rules will help keep you on the right side of the law and protected from any fines or lawsuits. Some of these rules will just help you be a good person and a good neighbor.

Even if you don't have a snowblower, like me, and still use the good ole shovel to rid your driveway of snow, you can still follow these rules.

Now if you know someone in your neighborhood who violates some of these rules, feel free to send them a link to this page or post on their social media so they get the message and become a better snowblower for the neighborhood.

So as you get ready to take on Mother Nature and this massive snowstorm make sure you follow these 5 simple "Rules of Etiquette" for snow blowing in New York.

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