Parenting is equal parts joyful, frustrating, and exhausting. There are some parts of being the mom that make you just scratch your head; they're so unique they require their own word.

What is the force that prevents kids from putting dirty dishes IN the sink? What do you call the feeling you have at the end of the day when you just can't do another thing? We've got it all right here.

10 Words Only Moms Will Understand

Socktimism - when you hold on to a single unpaired sock forever, in the hope that its mate will magically re-appear.

Naptivist - a mom who believes so strongly in naps (and NEEDS her kids to take one), she'll do almost anything to make sure her kids take theirs. In later years, this mom becomes the napper.

Sexhausted - when you're too tired from all the household chores and keeping track of the kids and your job for anything more than a...

Snoregle - snuggling and cuddling that your partner hopes will lead to something more, but really leads to you snoring and drooling on their shoulder.

Snacktivist - that mom who'll only bring healthy, 100% free-trade, organic snacks for classroom parties and when it's their turn for soccer snack.

Dishgusting - used to describe the cups and plates you unearth from your kid's room encrusted with the remains of a food you can no longer identify which will definitely take a chisel to remove.

Socksticle - when you're doing the laundry and all the socks are rolled up into to teeny tiny balls, sometimes still inside the legs of pants.

Pantnoculars - the two circles left when the kids (and maybe the husband) step out of their pants and leave them on the floor in two circles like denim binoculars. If you look into them, you can see despair.

Sinkophobia - the fear that certain people have that prevents them from placing dirty dishes IN the sink. Instead, the dirty dishes can only be placed on the counter a few inches away. (See, also: hamperphobia)

Endcrestation - the toothpaste that hardens at the end of the tube because no one knows how to squeeze a tube correctly and/or neatly.

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