When it comes to Sports, people tend to forget about scores and stats. What's really interesting is the humanity beyond the headlines. It's the people and the situations that are truly fascinating.

With all that in mind, here's our new weekly video feature: Sports For People Who Don't Really Like Sports. It will focus on our unfiltered and unscripted thoughts on two or three sports stories.

The New York Yankees baseball team fired handsome, popular and successful manager Joe Girardi and seem to be interviewing EVERYONE in an attempt to find his replacement. Maybe they should have just re-signed the guy that won 56% of his games and a World Series? We know who they SHOULDN'T hire.

The NFL is a mess. Not just the #TakeAKnee protests, but the flagging ratings and interest, and now the renegotiation of commissioner Roger Goodell's contract. We offer some solutions.

The Roy Halladay Tragedy. The future Hall of Fame pitcher perished recently in a private plane crash that now seems to have been so avoidable on so many levels. We examine some of those details and ask some tough questions.


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