It's hard to imagine after the past nights snow storm that Spring is on its way. The groundhog said so anyways! Scientific evidence shows that as the days get warmer, we feel sexier! What does this mean?

MSN Dating has a few fun facts about why just about everyone is sexier in springtime:

  • Daylight can be sexy. We set our clocks ahead (on Sunday, March 13th) and that extra sunshine is key because it affects the melatonin levels in our bodies. This give us more energy and makes us feel more "up." Also, light and heat make us want to eat less and play more.
  • Spring is the season to celebrate sexuality. For centuries, cultures around the world have celebrated springtime in various festivals. It's a time of rebirth -- seeds sprouting, eggs hatching, animals getting friskier ...
  • Spring is a time for feeling good. Get an ego boost from the fact that everyone around you is feeling more open.
  • Spring cleaning isn't just for your house -- give yourself a spring makeover with a new haircut and sunnier wardrobe colors.
  • Spring is a time to get out there! Whether you're looking to meet new people or deciding what to do on a date, the great outdoors is your friend in Spring.