Thankfully due to the power of photography, you are able to. Take a look at these stunning pictures showing the Rome Capitol Theatre under construction.

Any time you see a picture from the 1920s, it is just a sight to see. It is interesting to see everything that was being used, what was common, and cars, oh the cars. Looking on the streets of Rome and seeing some of the older open-air vehicles in the wintertime. But more interesting than the cars is the way the theatre was built.

First though, before we dive into the incredible pictures showing the construction area, let's take a peak at a picture of what used to be where the Rome Capitol Theatre stands today.

Harper's Plumbing Supply

Rome Capitol Theatre via Facebook
Rome Capitol Theatre via Facebook

Just thinking back to the 1910s, when the above picture was taken, it is interesting to think how innovative plumbing at the time really was. If you were to dive back only a few decades prior, indoor plumbing was outrageously expensive and meant only for the wealthiest of households. It makes it all the more interesting to see a store, that more than likely thrived, was demolished to make way for what has become a true staple to Dominick Street.

That business didn't shut down though, they just moved. They stayed operational for another 4 decades according to the Rome Capitol Theatre on Facebook.

Now, it's time for what you came here for, let's take a trip back in time to Dominick Street circa 1928. Let's see some shots taken while the Rome Capitol Theatre was being constructed.

Step Back To 1928 And See The Rome Capitol Theatre Under Construction

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