Two teenage girls are facing charges after threatening the victim of the the Steubenville Rape Trial in the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

The two teenage girls took to Twitter and Facebook to threaten the victim with homicide and bodily harm, earning their own series of charges including; third-degree felony of intimidation of a witness, first-degree misdemeanor of aggravated menacing and a first-degree misdemeanor of telecommunication harassment.

The case of the two teenage girls brought them to court today (March, 27th) and after being held in juvenile detention for over a week the judge decided to release the girls on house arrest.

The Steubenville Rape trial centered on seventeen-year old Trent Mays and sixteen-year old Ma'lik Richmond who were charged and convicted of raping the sixteen-year old victim during a series of parties in 2012 and then posting video of the incidents and her picture on social media.


The true controversy lies in how the trial was portrayed by a number of news sources including CNN. There were a large number of sources and people that sided with the rapists.

After recognizing the tone of the coverage many news outlets released apologies for the coverage however, this has not ended the controversy and is in-fact led to many new arguments and posting on social media including a Steubenville Rape Tumblr feed and the new viral video titled 'A Response is Needed' that has received over 1.4M views since it's posting on March 22nd.



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