Keandre Varner, a high school student in Riverdale, Georgia, found his principal's mug shot online and posted it on the picture crazy website Instagram. And what does he get for this? A received a four-day suspension. Is it fair or not?

When he posted the publicly available photo, Varner also wrote that the principal, Jamille Miller Brown, had been arrested for DUI, which turned out not to be true. When  Principle  Brown found out, she called Varner to her office and quickly suspended him. What was the reason for Varner's vacation? It was explained that he caused a disruption in class and acted belligerently toward the principal. Really?

Varner's mother, Nakesha Thomas, thinks the punishment is just too extreme. She says she knows the real reason for the suspension. Nakesha says her son was suspended for passing "misinformation," which is what the note she received informing her of the punishment said. Misinformation? The cable news networks and talk radio do that everyday. His punishment should be to write an essay on how to use Instagram and how to fact check.

Now, the real reason Principle Brown's mug shot was online was for her failure to report to court for a speeding ticket, not a DUI. She did reduce Varner's suspension to two days, but still, that seems too much for the student. "I need to be in school," he said.