More "dog days" are straight ahead. Central New York can expect all sorts of hot and heavy weather coming up for the final week of June. Many weather services agree there will be extremely high temperatures all week and a chance for some severe thunderstorms on Wednesday.

Forecasters expect 90-degree readings, with temperatures approaching 100 degrees by next Sunday in the Mohawk Valley and elsewhere in the region. Those figures do not even account for the expected humidity, which would drive the heat index well over the century mark.

The National Weather Service says humidity levels above 65% are considered oppressive and the NWS predicts there's a good chance the dew point may hit 70% toward the end of the week. That means muggy conditions. And, in conjunction with the expected near-triple digit temps, that means Central New York may be in for some official heat advisories as well, which would match the heat advisory the area was issued in mid-June.

Many weather models are also forecasting a very good chance of these hot and muggy conditions in the northeast persisting right into the July 4th holiday.


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