'Supernatural' fans who caught this past Wednesday's time-traveling thriller "As Time Goes By" had a big bombshell dropped on them, namely that Sam and Dean Winchester's paternal grandfather Henry wasn't at all the man they and their father John had thought him to be. Along with that revelation of their "Men of Letters" lineage, we learned of a new supernatural stronghold bequeathed to the boys, to be revealed in next Wednesday's "Everybody Hates Hitler," but how would you like a first look? Check out the latest 'Supernatural' clip inside!

True to executive producer Bob Singer's word, 'Supernatural's' Sam and Dean Winchester will soon have a home base to call their very own, bequeathed to them by the last remaining "Men of Letters," most notably their own paternal grandfather Henry Winchester. Next Wednesday's all-new episode "Everybody Hates Hitler" will see the boys uncovering that hidden bunker, as evidenced by the latest clip.

While greater mysteries likely lie within (including what caused the facility to end up abandoned) Sam will be excited by the vast treasure of knowledge the facility holds, while Dean remains more giddy the brothers finally have their own "Bat Cave." Will the new home base aid them in their quest to decipher the "Word of God" tablets? What about the giant Golem in their future?

Check out an all-new clip from next Wednesday's 'Supernatural' episode "Everybody Hates Hitler" below, and tell us what you think of the boys' new digs in the comments!