A start/finish line banner, finisher's pins, running bibs and t-shirts are on their way to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan for this year's Boilermaker Shadow Run.

The race will take place on Sunday, July 14th, the same day as the Boilermaker.

Mohawk Global Logistics is once again shipping the supplies to Afghanistan.

The Boilermaker will be selling a limited number of tees similar to the ones being sent overseas.

The t-shirts commemorate the various shadow runs that have taken place.

The words "sweat to glory" will appear as the shirt gets wet from perspiration or water.

For every shirt sold, the Boilermaker will donate $5 to Feed Our Vets.

Since 2008, five Shadow Runs have taken place, three in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

from Boilermaker Facebook page
from Boilermaker Facebook page

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