Support local Relay For Life events with this special holiday keepsake. 

There's a new way people can support Relay For Life and get a special holiday keepsake! The American Cancer Society is offering a special holiday keepsake, which can be hung on a tree or displayed in a meaningful way. It makes a great gift for everyone who has participated in Relay For Life or who has been touched by cancer in some way.

The palm-sized metal keepsake, embellished with a Relay For Life logo and antique silver finish, is available for order through November 7th for a $35 donation to the American Cancer Society. It comes with a customizable card in a specially packaged box. Best of all, the entire $35 will be credited to the Relay For Life participant, team or event of your choice.

To order, just go to and then select whichever local event you’d like to support, then click the link for ordering the keepsake right on the event’s front page. In order to ensure holiday delivery, orders need to be placed by November 7th.

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