Blue-green algae has led to another closure for Sylvan Beach, as of July 19. The swimming area at Verona Beach State Park is also closed due to the algae bloom.

Both areas had been closed earlier this month but had reopened for a few days before this closure. Both swimming spots were closed after tests for harmful blue-green algae blooms came back positive.

According to,

Blooms of blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, can be hazardous to humans in high levels and can be noxious, if not fatal, to pets. Exposure to the algae from swallowing water while swimming or via the skin can cause nausea, diarrhea, skin or throat irritation and breathing difficulties.

If you're looking to beat the heat, try one of the other local beaches, like Delta or Hinckley Lakes, or Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville.



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