Don't believe everything you read. Syracuse Police are setting the record straight on why a little girl was really seen doing pushups.

Detectives Kittell and Holmes, along with the Gang Violence Task Force, conducted a routine traffic stop on Cannon Street in Syracuse during a street operations detail. Near the end, the detectives were approached by a little girl who lives close by.

She said she wants to be a police officer and told the Detectives that she was strong enough to do the job and could show them by doing 30 push-ups.

To the surprise of the detectives, the girl was true to her word and impressively did the 30 push-ups. "The Detectives​ were so proud they gave her a high five and a hug."

Credit - Syracuse Police Department via Facebook
Credit - Syracuse Police Department via Facebook

Negative Narrative

Unfortunately, someone who saw the special moment between the little girl and Syracuse detectives decided to change the narrative.

"They selfishly took advantage of this impactful moment by capturing a photo in an attempt to create a false narrative through a social media post. This action is not only embarrassing to the little girl but also attempted to tarnish the image of SPD and two of our finest Detectives."

The next day detectives Kittell and Holmes showed their support for the girl and her dream of becoming a police officer by bringing gifts and congratulating her again on the 30 pushups.

Credit - Syracuse Police Department via Facebook
Credit - Syracuse Police Department via Facebook

What Policing Is About

The Syracuse Police Department took to social media to thank the men in uniform for going above and beyond the call of duty, not just that day, but every day.

We would like to thank you, Detectives, for not only removing dangerous gang members from our streets but also showing what community policing is all about.

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