As if I didn't go to Target enough as it is, now I have another reason to spend more time exploring the isles. This time, the frozen food department is where it's at.

Fall is right around the corner, so it only makes sense that Target is releasing new flavors of ice cream. Honestly, kinda shocked that they aren't advertising this more because SO many people would snatch it up and quickly too. Maybe it means it's easier to get in stores!

Candy Hunting is a news source that typically shows all the new sweet products hitting the market. They shared a photo of the two new flavors from Target’s Market Pantry brand: pumpkin cheesecake and apple crisp!

The Market Pantry Apple Crisp takes the flavor of the classic dessert that is perfect for the fall! The container is filled with apple crisp ice cream swirled with tasty caramel and oatmeal pieces.

And the Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor? Well, that's vanilla ice cream infused with graham cracker swirls.

Both flavors are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and adding your favorite toppings will make it that much more enjoyable as a dessert after dinner, or the perfect snack.

Both of these ice cream flavors come in 16-ounce cartons and cost just $1.99. But you'll need to hurry into Target, as these flavors are only available for a limited time.

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