While shopping at Target in New Hartford, are you taking advantage of this lifehack hidden right in plain sight?

Let's be honest, long lines can aggravate you around the holidays. It can turn you from happy, to the man standing in line in the song "Christmas Shoes" from Newsong very quickly. I want to let you in on a little secret while shopping at Target in New Hartford. It might not even be a secret, but it saved me a ton of time so now I want to at least share this tip with you.

Is this life changing? Sure. Is it something that's pretty obvious? Maybe. Is it something RIGHT at the FRONT of the store? Yes, to that too.

When you look at the cash registers at Target, you notice all the self-checkout lines to the far right. Hidden right by the doors of the store, you'll see a bonus selfcheck-out. Yes, a bonus one, that you're able to skip long lines and head right towards. It's been there for a while it seems.

Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM

This hack was discovered after sitting in line for far too long. It's right up front of the store, right next to where the café used to be/where the order to go orders are located. Every time this author has shopped at Target the last two weeks, I've never noticed anyone using it. While others waited in line for ever, this author was able to sneak right past everyone. You can shop like a boss, and skip the long lines.

Again, bonus selfcheck-out right in the front of the store. Share with your friends, and change the world one register at a time.

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