Taylor Swift will break out of her self-imposed seclusion this week to appear in a Denver court to testify against a radio DJ she alleges groped her during a promotional visit.

Opening statements are expected to be delivered on Tuesday in the cases of Taylor Swift and former KYGO host David Mueller. The cases both stem from a 2013 concert in Denver, where Swift and Mueller met backstage for a photo. Taylor accused Mueller of putting his hand up her dress and grabbing her, but rather than notifying police, merely had her own security have Mueller kicked from the venue. She also reportedly spoke with Mueller's bosses at the radio station, which he alleges got him fired. That's where the 2015 slander lawsuit Mueller filed comes into play.

Swift then filed a countersuit against Mueller, claiming what Mueller did was "no accident, it was completely intentional," and is seeking just $1 in damages. The hope is that making an example of Mueller will show that women don't have to put up with this kind of behavior from men in any position in their lives. Mueller's own suit seeks something along the lines of $150,000 per year of unemployment in damages, though the slander parts of the suit have been previously thrown out by an earlier ruling.

Both Taylor Swift and David Mueller are expected to testify in court this week, with the trial looking to last up to two weeks. The case is not as clear cut as it would seem, as both sides have much to prove to earn a judgment in their favor. For what it's worth, the trial does seem to be a bit of an uphill climb for Mueller. Mueller didn't save a recording of the conversation with his management that alluded Swift was the reason he was fired, and the release of the photo in question by TMZ  last year leaves much up to interpretation by the jury. The picture isn't damning evidence, but it certainly will play a large part in the case for both parties.

The world will be watching closely to see how things play out over the next few days in Denver, not just because of Ms. Swift, but also because of what this judgment could potentially mean for other young stars in similar situations down the line.

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