Taylor Swift is rumored to be getting some big boosts to her acting resume. In addition to whispers of the ‘Eyes Open’ singer playing Joni Mitchell in ‘Girls Like Us,’ the starlet is now the top choice in a potential ‘Grease’ remake for Sandy — from the original Sandy herself, Olivia Newton-John!

Newton-John spoke with Showbiz Tonight (quotes via CNN) about the possibility of a remake of the 1978 classic following recent re-dos of ‘Dirty Dancing,’ ‘Footloose’ and ‘Hairspray,’ and she said Swift would be perfect for her iconic Aussie good girl gone bad role … though she does have a bit of competition from Newton-John’s own daughter.

“I’m sure they’ll try [a remake], and I think it would probably do well because people would be curious. But there’s something about the originals that people still want to see,” Newton-John said. “But I’m sure they’ll do it, and they’ll do an updated version, and it’ll be great. Lately, I’ve thought Taylor Swift could probably [play Sandy], because she’s very talented. And my daughter, I’ve always thought she could.”

This would be Swift’s first role in a musical, following her loss of the Eponine part in ‘Les Miserables.’ Swift previously had a bit part in the romcom ‘Valentine’s Day’ and voiced Audrey in ‘The Lorax,’ both of which slayed at the box office.

While there are no current known talks of any ‘Grease’ remakes (yet), it does make us think — wouldn’t Swift’s ex and ‘Valentines Day’ co-star Taylor Lautner make a great Danny Zuko?

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