Teenagers, vampires and zombies battling aliens? Yes, 'The Kitchen Sink' is very aptly-titled indeed. The comedy-horror project, based on a Black List script, is moving ahead at Sony, where it will be shepherded by 'Amazing Spider-Man' producer Matt Tolmach.

A cast of young up and comers is being assembled for this oddity; jump after the break to learn who is involved!

According to Variety, Mackenzie Davis (pictured above; 'The F Word'), Nicholas Braun ('Red State') and Josh Fadem ('30 Rock') have all been cast by director Robbie Pickering in the genre mashup, which was penned by Oren Uziel and landed on the 2010 Black List. Chris Zylka ('The Amazing Spider-Man') is in talks to star in the film as well.

As 'The Kitchen Sink' begins, two teens are fleeing from zombies, who are in turn fighting off attacking vampires. When extraterrestrials invade to destroy all of the planet's inhabitants, a human, a vampire and a zombie must band together to thwart the otherworldly threat.

Sony is planning to shoot the comedy this summer. Intriguingly, Jonah Hill was attached to direct 'The Kitchen Sink' back in 2011, but obviously that fell through.

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