It's the winter that just won't end. Most of us feel that way, even though we're technically into spring. But just how bad is this weather compared to other years?

Alright, so by now most people realize that this weather isn't usual for Central New York. Sure, April is usually a crazy month and sometimes we get snowstorms and ice storms, but other years it feels like spring is in full-force by this time. So how far off are we? What kind of weather should we really be experiencing right now?

For the answer, we look to Intellicast, a weather reporting site that also keeps past records. According to Intellicast, the average low for Utica in April is 34-degrees, and the average high-temperature is 57. 57-degrees is sounding pretty good right about now, right?! Especially seeing as our high temperature for Thursday (April 19th) was only 38.

But surely 2018 hasn't given us our worst April ever, right?

Well, that depends on who you ask. We've definitely had colder days in April in the past, but it (feels like), it's been a long time since we've had to deal with this many dreary, rainy and snowy days in a row. The record low temperature for April 19 in Utica happened in 1990 where we hit 24-degrees... And if you think about it, we're not that far off from that record. We've had other record-breaking cold temperatures for April, where we hit 12-degrees, 18-degrees, even 27-degrees (which was record-breaking back on April 30, 1972).

But on the flip side of that, we've also seen a lot warmer weather in April in year's past. Record high for April 19th? 85-degrees, which was set back in 1976. According to Intellicast's records, 1976 broke many high temperature records in Utica throughout the month of April. 1991 and 1986 also gave us record-breaking high temperatures in April.

As for this April, it's been a bad one. Granted, we haven't been sitting with the coldest temperatures we've ever seen for this month, but we are definitely below-average. And we're also dealing with a very long stretch of crappy weather. But it could always be worse. And hey, at least we're not getting hit with a major snowstorm or ice storm right now.

And since we've put up with this awful, depression-inducing weather for so long, we can only hope that we get an amazingly warm and sunny summer. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Let's end with some good news. It looks like this terrible weather is going to snap. According to the National Weather Service of Binghamton, Saturday (April 21st), we're looking at sunny skies and a high of 46. Temperatures continue to climb to about 64 by the time Tuesday rolls around. Maybe this is truly the end of winter in Central New York?




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