We're three days into the month of October, which means that spooky season is upon us. It also means that the colder weather is here and we can now look forward to the 2022 holiday season.

I know, it's early. We're still four weeks away from Halloween and eight weeks away from Thanksgiving, but it never hurts to plan ahead of time for the holidays and now is the time to start that if you haven't already.

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It seems as if we ask this every year for Turkey Day -- who will be open?

As you would have guessed, most stores and restaurants will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. During the pandemic, stores like Walmart and Target made a decision to remain close to both help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and give their service workers a well-deserved day off to be with their families.

There are still quite a number of popular stores which you can shop at on Thanksgiving this year -- whether it's for essential items like groceries or toiletries, or it's for a head start on Christmas gifts.

Thanksgiving shopping is something my dad and me always did in the morning, to grab a few last second items for dinner or that extended weekend, and it's always nice to check which stores will be open on Turkey Dal.

According to The Pioneer Woman, these are 12 popular stores with locations in New York, with confirmed hours on Thanksgiving. As always, however, call or go online to see the exact hours in your local area.

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