Honest to goodness, you'd think there are more complicated tasks in a household, but - NO. Putting the toilet paper on the actual holder is just more than most people in my household can handle.

Is it the same in your house? I'm here to help: I created a handy-dandy instructional video to demonstrate how 2 seconds can basically save your mom's sanity - or your dad's. Whoever. 

The inability of children, teens, and some adults to actually get the toilet paper roll onto the toilet paper holder is baffling. It doesn't matter how big the bathroom is, how low-maintenance the actual holder is, or how long the individual is spending in the bathroom with the naked cardboard roll - nope. In fact, in my kids bathroom, it takes longer to balance the roll precariously on the hook that holds the roll than it does to just PUT IT WHERE IT GOES.

Is this some kind of political protest? Is the refusal to put the roll on the spindle some kind of middle finger to 'the man' and to conformity? Or is it, as I suspect, a plot to slowly drive mothers around the world insane?




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