Utica has so many fantastic things to see...and to eat...it's hard to pick just one.

From cuisine, to architecture, to the arts, to its rich history, Utica has so much to offer visitors - but how do you decide what the 'must see' attractions are? When you have friends coming in from out of town, and you've only got a short time to show them the best Utica has to offer - where do you go?

We put it out to you to decide: if you're Utica's tour guide, which 3 places are taking someone from out of town.

Right off the bat, we noticed two things: nearly everyone included some kind of food - from riggies at Bella Regina to coffee from Utica Coffee or Character coffee - most agreed a visit to Utica isn't complete without sampling local flavors. The second thing is the Brewery is pretty popular.

Three Things Visitors HAVE to Do, See, and Eat in Utica

  1. The FX Matt Saranac Brewery and the Brewery Tour
  2. Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute or The Stanley
  3. Bella Regina for riggies, or Utica Coffee for coffee, or Napoli's tomato pie.

Of course, this are just the top three vote getters - you still had so many other great suggestions, including:

  • Bite Bakery
  • The Adirondack Bank Center for a Comets or UCFC game
  • The Utica Zoo
  • Union Station
  • The Oneida County Public Market
  • Handshake.City

So what are your three "must visit" spots in Utica? 

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