Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel invented 'National Unfriend Day' as an invitation - and a reminder - to get rid of the Facebook friends who are dragging you down. As Nike says, just do it.

You can't really appreciate how liberating it is to press the unfriend button until you actually do it. You'll breathe an actual and virtual sigh of relief. What if you don't know where to start? Let us give a few types of Central New York people to start with.

The 5 People You Need to Unfriend on Facebook

  1. Your Ex Yeah, we know, you're still kinda friends. Trust us, you'll feel better not checking out the new girl he brought to Saranac Thursday or how happy he looks hanging out at your favorite coffee shop without you. Unfriend.
  2. Your Boss At some point, you might complain about that part-time job at a big store on Commercial Drive on Facebook. We all do it. You just don't want your boss to see it. Buh bye. Unfriend.
  3. The Girl Who Bullied You in High School We'll admit, it was a little reassuring to see that karma had your back. The girl who called you names all through 10th and 11th grade is currently in her eighth marriage and has a really unfortunate haircut - but it's time to let it go, just like Elsa said. Unfriend.
  4. The 'Friend' Who Does Nothing But Complain About Everything Term-limits. The downtown Utica hospital. Taxes. Enough already. Seriously, if you want to hear misery, watch the news. You want your glass half full, not half empty.
  5. That Guy You Really Don't Know But He Knows A Lot of Your Friends he could be a nice guy, or he could be a serial killer with a foot fetish - if you don't really know which, it's time to unfriend.

Do it - press the button. Make sure your Facebook friends are actually your friends...or at least people that don't make you miserable.



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