Pens, backpacks, notebooks.  All stuff students need for back to school.   Something else they need is good nutrition to keep their brains sharp for all that studying.  The challenge for parents is to find stuff kids will eat but that's also healthy too.  

Skip the junk food and have your student munch on healthy stuff this schoolyear.  Need some ideas on what they should eat for lunch?  Here are some suggestions that might help your student get the nutrition they need.

Sandwiches made with whole wheat bread:

sliced tomato and tuna fish

cream cheese with carrots or peppers

veggie cream cheese with cucumber

fresh apple slice with apple butter

Other lunch ideas:

low fat granola

yogurt with fresh fruit

string cheese

Snacks for after school hunger pangs:


popcorn, as long as it's not smothered with butter and salt

fruit slices

100% fruit smoothies

carrots or other veggies

tortilla chips with salsa

whole grain Goldfish crackers

whole grain waffles

pita chips with hummus

sweet potato chips

whole wheat crackers with reduced fat cheese

fig cookies

mini pretzels with nuts and dried cranberries

When deciding what to feed your student, think the colors of the rainbow and try to include them in each meal.  Good luck and have a great school year!


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