Wholesale food prices are expected to increase by three to five percent this year, grocery stores will be passing this extra cost on to shoppers and maybe even a little extra. Anyone that has ever worked in retail knows how things can be overpriced. Honestly what can you even over price in a grocery store?


Wouldn't it be great to know what stores are doing so you can avoid their traps? Well maybe this will help out.

According to industry insiders, here are some of the most overpriced products in grocery stores according to WalletPop.com here’s the list:

  • Produce- Marked up 75 percent
  • Bottled Water- Upwards to a 4,000 percent mark-up. 4,000! Just by a water filter and you’ll be golden!
  • Meat- Marked up 60 percent
  • Cereal- Average mark-up of 44 percent
  • Canned Goods- Regular prices reflect a 26 percent mark-up
  • Batteries and Magazines- Stores love marking up stuff that ends up being last-minute purchases, it’s called impulse shopping. Batteries are priced with a 70 percent mark-up and magazines with a 90 percent mark-up
  • Bakery- Convenience costs money as they hit consumers with a 100 percent mark-up.

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