Returning home Saturday from Pixley Falls, driving along Route 46 just outside Boonville, New York, we almost missed it.

In fact, at first, enjoying the general scenery and favorable weather, we cruised right past. Then, a few hundred yards later, I slowed down...

Me: What the heck was THAT?

Beth: What the heck was WHAT?

Me: That building back there.

I turned the car around and we got an up-close look at something called Cobbled Stone Castle, apparently built in 2015, according to a handmade sign in front. We checked the Internet and found virtually NOTHING about the place, except for two pictures on a Facebook page, with no comments.

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We made plans to throw it out there on Facebook and see if anyone had any information. Sunday we decided to drive back to Boonville to hike along the Black River Canal trail running adjacent to Pixley Falls.

On the way, we pulled over to take some more photos of Cobbled Stone Castle. Three seconds behind us, another car pulled up and out popped Mike Sturdevant--the mastermind behind the tiny castle.

What are the chances, right? I mean, he doesn't LIVE there. Turns out his home is a few miles away in Hawkinsville.

He's an artist, who graduated from Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute and SUNY-Oswego. Using a lot of imagination, various odds and ends, discarded curios and artifacts and, frankly, some junk, he and his girlfriend Summer built the 10-by-10 shed in 2015. It serves as sort of a combination gallery-workshop. Here's his email contact:

We're not sure the whole is greater than some of those parts. For instance, there's a thick, nautical-looking rope intertwined with the fence circling the castle. It came from the rope-tow ski lift at McCauley Mountain in Old Forge. Take a look at our great pics


COBBLED STONE CASTLE: a Unique Combination of Art, Junk and Functionality is a Must-See Roadside Attraction in Boonville, New York

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