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COVID-19 could be a classic Stephen King horror story. Average everyday citizens are held captive by a powerful, unseen force from another world. Except King already wrote this story. It's called The Outsider.

The coronavirus has stopped movies, plays, concerts and ballgames...and rendered us relatively bereft of normal entertainment outlets. Everyone has been left to forage for great content to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes

Now, one of the best pieces of visual content this year is available for at-leisure home consumption. THE OUTSIDER: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON originally aired on HBO. Based on a Stephen King novel, this 10-part psychological-supernatural-horror-crime-mystery-drama series defies categorization and contains a great story, with award-winning actors.

Credit: Karen Gilman

If you enjoyed Ozark, starring Jason Bateman, he's here. If you loved Bloodline, starring Ben Mendelsohn (above), he's here. If you lost track of Brat Packer Mare Winningham somewhere after St. Elmo's Fire, she's here, too. And just wait til you see Golden Globe nominee Cynthia Erivo (below) as the blunt, unorthodox, but effective private investigator.

Bob Mahoney
Credit: Karen Gilman

But...don't wait.

The Outsider is available now for digital download, or on Blu-ray™ or DVD, from various digital retailers, including Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and others. It includes riveting behind-the-scenes bonus features with King, Bateman, Mendelsohn, Erivo and others.

And remember as you watch: Mendelsohn is an Aussie and Erivo is a Brit. Observe their brilliance at acting in a dialect that's different than their native tongues.

The Outsider is compelling. It's among the best screen adaptions of any Stephen King work, and stands up against The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile.

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